Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Guru Purnima its Importance

Guru poornima is the day to witness completeness of the Guru. The Guru gets his completeness or reaches his peak by spreading the messages and practices of his Guru and when Guru devotes his life completely for the spiritual upliftment of humanity, he himself also reaches his full potential. On this day we surrender to this completeness of the Guru. On this day , one must serve and convey gratitude to all such Gurus who are imparting knowledge and are trying to remove the ignorance.  This poornima is known as Vyas Poornima. Maharshi Vyas belongs to a lineage of great ascetics and from his own experience, he himself started Guru poojan so that common person also should get the same divine experience. This is a rich culture of India where we worship those who give us knowledge or help us to serve Divinity. On occasion of Guru poornima, the disciple must perform three duties. First, Guru darshan, spending the day with Guru, being in his company, meeting him physically. Second is Guru poojan. While doing Guru poojan, one must have maximum mental purity, love, and only thought of how can I spend more time with my Guru or hear his divine discourses. Rather than just seeing him from a distance, we should try and meet the Guru personally and spend some time in his presence. Serving Guru selflessly is considered greatest Guru worship. The disciples who await eagerly for this day, who are eager to touch Guru's feet with complete surrender and devotion receive immense benefit.

There are many benefits of Guru darshan, but there is much more benefit in listening to Guru upadesh and trying to follow it. This is the third duty that a disciple must perform on this day. This is the day to make the rule to implement Guru's teaching and how you can follow this rule all your life. 

Guru Parampara

A day to celebrate the beautiful relationship between a Guru and a Shishya. All other relationships are mere bonds of karma, roles in a play of life. Except the relationship between spiritual Guru and Shishya.Its divine love, its divine help, its divine guidance, its divine support and its purest of pure divine concern for all the souls living life of pain, suffering and ignorance.

Guru parampara is an ancient tradition in India. Its said that after creating the creation and humanity, when the divinity felt the need to guide humanity, the divine forces incarnated as Gurus to guide humans out of ignorance. Since coming of avatar to guide is not possible all the time, hence  not only the Incarnations of Divinity took role of Guru, but also accepted and surrendered to some or other Guru themselves, reinforcing the importance of a Guru for spiritual enlightenment. This divine tradition was started by none other than Lord Shiva himself. And since the entire Guru parampara started with Lord Shiva, it got the honour of Guru poojan. All those Gurus who belong to some parampara or lineage of Gurus should be considered as image of SHIVA Himself. Hence Gurus ANUGRAHA should be respected by holding it in very high regards. Many Avatars, siddhas and realized souls have kept this ancient tradition of guru Parampara alive.

Every real disciple actually belongs to some or other Guru Parampara through his/her link with a "Living Guru" there is nothimg like stand alone Guru. The Guru is actually an active divinity on planet and belongs to GuruTatva a specialized branch of Divinity. This Parampara is started by DIVINITY especially for those who have faith in divinity , have devotion, have inclination to sadhana or practice to improve themselves, have liking for worship, so that they get guidance, feel  relief,  feel assurance, and gain confidence. Those who do not accept Guru, do not have Guru, who do not worship or devout to Guru will struggle to get lasting peace, happiness or balance.

To accept or decline this help is completely matter of free will of a person,  the opportunities will come, the help will come in the form of a living Guru, to recognize a genuine Guru an then to surrender to him are two extremely difficult tests that a genuine seeker has to give. If you miss its completely your loss, if you delay its completely your own ignorance, if you land up with a crook its completely your bad choice.