Sunday, 15 November 2015

DEEKSHA or Spiritual awakening by a GURU by Swami Vivekananda

The Power of a Noble Guru in the  Initiation of Spirituality ( Deeksha and Shaktipata):
Most of the great sages and seers of the world had little or no formal education. The status of the spiritual evolution of the inner self is independent of formal  education or the regularly measured text book Intelligence quotient of the person.
The transmission of spirituality/ spiritual knowledge from Guru to disciple takes place at the level of the subconscious and unconscious cores of the mind and self (Chitta and Ahamkara). Therefore, an interaction between Guru and the disciple on the wisdom of spirituality is not an exchange of knowledge through word of mouth as in the case of regular text book knowledge that is communicated via the intellect.

The sacramental rite of ‘spiritual initiation” or (Deeksha) has been assigned a great status amongst all religions. In the process of initiation, a noble Guru uses his awakened spiritual power to interact with the disciple at great depths of the subconscious levels. He transmits bio-electric currents of his own spiritually activated life force into the sub-conscious life force of the disciple. These seeds of bio electric currents of the Gurus life force when nourished by the disciple can grow and fructify in a short time.

The wisdom of spirituality given by a competent Guru is never wasted. A noble Guru bestows “Shaktipata” (extra sensory transmission of spiritual power) upon deserving disciples. The secret process of “Shaktipata” can bring a metamorphosis in the entire personality of the disciple. Many Yogis in India are aware of the awakening of “Kundalini” (also known as serpentine fire or the source of miraculous vital spiritual energy) of man by simply touching the persons head. The author here has personally come across great spiritual masters and Yogis , who can electrify their bodies by activating the hidden force of the tremendous soul power(Atma Teja).In this state ,touching the bio electrically charged body of the sage gives you a shock like that of touching a live wire.

In our day to day living, we must not miss opportunities of interaction with spiritually evolved and virtuous persons. They bring to our lives the “Midas touch” –turning metal to gold OR in this case enabling the common man to communicate with God. 

Qualities of real Guru

Swami Vivekananda further elaborates on the theme of what defines a real spiritual Guide, Teacher or Guru ?

How are we to know a teacher then? In the first place, the sun requires no torch to make it visible. We do not light a candle to see the sun. When the sun rises, we instinctively become aware of its rising; and when a teacher of men comes to help us, the soul will instinctively know that it has found the truth. 

Truth stands on its own evidences; it does not require any other testimony to attest it; it is self-effulgent. It penetrates into the inmost recesses of our nature, and the whole universe stands up and says, "This is Truth." These are the very great teachers, but we can get help from the lesser ones also; and as we ourselves are not always sufficiently intuitive to be certain of our judgment of the man from whom we receive, there ought to be certain tests. There are certain conditions necessary in the taught, and also in the teacher.

In the teacher we must first see that he knows the secret of the scriptures.The whole world reads scriptures — Bibles, Vedas, The Koran  and others; but they are only words, external arrangement, syntax, the etymology, the philology, the dry bones of religion. The teacher may be able to find what is the age of any book, but words are only the external forms in which things come. Those who deal too much in words and let the mind run always in the force of words lose the spirit. So the teacher must be able to know the spirit of the scriptures.

The second condition necessary in the teacher is that he must be sinless.The question was once asked me in England by a friend, "Why should we look to the personality of a teacher? For the knowledge that the physical sciences require is simply intellectual and depends on intellectual strength; a man can have in such a case a gigantic intellectual power without the least development of his soul. But in the spiritual sciences it is impossible from first to last that there can be any spiritual light in that soul which is impure. What can such a soul teach? It knows nothing. Spiritual truth is purity. Therefore in the teacher of spirituality, purity is the one thing indispensable; we must see first what he is, and then what he says. 

To give a simile: If a heater is hot, it can convey heat vibrations, but if not, it is impossible to do so. Even so is the case with the mental vibrations of the religious teacher which he conveys to the mind of the taught. It is a question of transference, and not of stimulating only our intellectual faculties. Some power, real and tangible, goes out from the teacher and begins to grow in the mind of the taught. Therefore the necessary condition is that the teacher must be true. 

The third condition is motive. We should see that he does not teach with any ulterior motive, for name, or fame, or anything else, but simply for love, pure love for you. When spiritual forces are transmitted from the teacher to the taught, they can only be conveyed through the medium of love; there is no other medium that can convey them. Any other motive, such as gain or name, would immediately destroy the conveying medium; therefore all must be done through love. One who has known God can alone be a teacher. When you see that in the teacher these conditions are fulfilled, you are safe; if they are not fulfilled, it is unwise to accept him. There is a great risk, if he cannot convey goodness, of his conveying wickedness sometimes. This must be guarded against; therefore it naturally follows that we cannot be taught by anybody and everybody.